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Anti-spam policy

Last Revised: 2023-04-06

At, we are committed to creating a safer and better internet experience for our users. Our service provides temporary email addresses to maintain user anonymity and to avoid spam. However, we are aware that our platform may be misused, and we are dedicated to preventing the abuse of our service. This Anti-Spam Policy outlines our stance on spam prevention and the measures we take to ensure the responsible use of

Prohibited activities strictly prohibits its users from employing our services to facilitate spam or any malicious or fraudulent activities. The following activities are expressly forbidden:

  1. Using to sign up for other free email sending services: We consider this action to be enabling spam, and we are wholly against spam and any related activities.
  2. Utilizing bots or other automated solutions to mass-create accounts on websites with the use of SpamOK email addresses: This action constitutes "account creation fraud" and we are committed to preventing such activities on our platform.
  3. Distributing malware: Exploiting SpamOK to sign up for file-sharing services using temporary email addresses, with the intent of distributing malware-infected files.
  4. Sending anonymous harassment or threats: Abusing the anonymity provided by SpamOK to send harassing or threatening messages through platforms that require an email address for registration.
  5. Manipulating online voting: Employing SpamOK to generate multiple email addresses for the purpose of casting fraudulent votes in online polls or contests, thereby altering the results.
  6. Circumventing website bans: Utilizing SpamOK to evade moderation and penalties by creating new accounts on websites where a user's original account has been banned or restricted.
  7. Committing email fraud: Leveraging SpamOK to create email addresses for use in fraudulent schemes, such as impersonating a legitimate company or individual to deceive victims.
  8. Exploiting referral programs: Misusing SpamOK to create multiple email addresses to unfairly benefit from referral or affiliate programs, earning rewards or commissions by referring oneself.

Suppression List

To safeguard against spam and abuse, maintains a suppression list of third-party websites that have been abused through our platform. Emails received from these third-parties will not be delivered to SpamOK and will be inaccessible to our users. This measure ensures the integrity of our service and the prevention of spam.

Restrictions and Bans for Policy Violations reserves the right to restrict or ban users who are found to be in violation of this Anti-Spam Policy. We take abuse of our platform seriously and are committed to maintaining a safe and responsible environment for all users.

If a user is found to be engaging in prohibited activities as outlined in this policy, we may take appropriate measures, including but not limited to:

  • Temporarily or permanently restricting the user's access to our platform.
  • Banning the user's IP address to prevent further misuse of our services.
  • Reporting the user's activities to the appropriate authorities if their actions are deemed illegal or harmful.

We encourage users to adhere to our Anti-Spam Policy and use our services responsibly. By using, you agree to comply with this policy and accept any potential consequences for violations.

Compliance and Reporting

We encourage our users and the general public to report any violations of this Anti-Spam Policy or any misuse of our service to our team. Please contact us at or fill in our Report Abuse form with any concerns or reports. We take all reports seriously and will take appropriate actions to address and rectify any violations of our policy.

By using, you agree to abide by this Anti-Spam Policy and understand the limitations of our service. We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time and will promptly notify users of any changes. Your continued use of our service constitutes your acceptance of any updates to this policy.

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